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A Love Story…

One of our amazing customers, Diane, recently shared her fairytale with us.  Since Valentine’s Day is on the way and her love story involved a KT bracelet, we decided to share it with you.

“Two years ago my then boyfriend (now husband) purchased a Silver Hammered Circle Bangle Bracelet for me at the Bryant Park Holiday Market.  We were in NYC celebrating our one year dating anniversary.  As we were walking through Central Park it had started to snow.  My husband Dave started rifling in his pocket.  In my head I was thinking, “Oh my god. This is happening. He’s going to propose. Oh my god.” Only to have him pull out his phone so he could take pictures.  I told him at dinner about it, to which he said he wanted to but hadn’t had time to get my ring.

Diane Bedia wedding photo

Diane wearing her bangle on her wedding day with her husband, Dave. Such a beautiful photo!

That’s when we happened upon the Bryant Park Holiday Market and he bought me the bracelet.  As time went on, the bracelet became known as my engagement bracelet.  Even after he proposed it was always on my wrist.  It was the first piece of jewelry my husband bought me.  I wore it every day, even on our wedding day.  I loved it and wore it to death… which is why I’m writing.

The other day the bracelet broke.  I was wondering if I couldn’t send you my broken bracelet and have you make me another one using the hammered circle in my old bracelet.  I know I could buy a new one…I was just hoping that some part of my old bracelet could be part of my new bracelet.”

Diane Beddia

Diane sporting her new earrings.

We of course honored her request and used parts from the original “engagement” bracelet to make her a new one. With the scraps left from the old bracelet, we also made her some small silver hoops, so that she could keep and reuse all of the sentimental sterling silver. Having the ability to hand-craft our jewelry in order to fulfill our customers’ special requests is a very rewarding part of this job. We think she looks fabulous in her new earrings too!

A special thanks to Diane for sharing her story and photos. If you have a fun tale to share involving your KT, please share it with us at

*Love is in the air..Quite literally! So much so that we are shipping our jewelry out to you for free through February 14th.

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