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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift can be tricky. Let us play Cupid in directing you to the perfect gift for your loved one or yourself…you don’t need a heartthrob to be inspired! It is always a good time to treat yourself to something that sparkles. ESPECIALLY on Valentine’s Day.

KT’S Valentine Wish List:

Love and karma. Need we say more?


Plan a romantic date and pour your heart out. Or just choose from a great selection of necklaces that will make her heart go pitter-patter.

Does she wear her heart on her sleeve? She’ll look fabulous doing it with one of these.

If hearts aren’t your or her thing, everyday and simple pieces are the key to making a happy Valentine.

Men often like to stick to pearls, and we think you can’t go wrong with these timeless staples.

If only a one-of-a-kind will do, come to the shop and let us help you find the perfect piece.

Flowers wilt and chocolate disappears, but jewelry is forever…..

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