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Fun Updates At KTcollection

Before we gear up for Union Square’s exciting opening this Friday,  here’s a wrap-up of what’s new with KTcollection. What a month this has been!

Bryant Park opened with a bang….only to be closed 2 days later due to Hurricane Sandy. Setting up and packing it up again 2 days later was quite something, but we feel blessed to have been spared from serious damage. For Zoubir and me, running the store without employees (subways were down in their neighborhoods)  while our children were home from school all week was quite something. I even put my seven-year-old daughter to work with me in the shop. But I have to admit I enjoyed it. I had loads of time to chat with UWS locals who couldn’t go to work,  and I also enjoyed meeting  displaced downtowners who were stranded on the UWS during the downtown black-out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Halloween was a welcome venture into normalcy. We are so excited to be a part of that fun every year. Columbus Avenue was madness on Halloween, and we now know that stocking up on 1000 pieces of candy is not overdoing it. We turned it into a little party of our own with people spilling in from the streets, and we had a blast. My children Sophie and Liam were thrilled not only to be able to use the shop as a base to trick-or-treat, but also to be able to give candy out themselves.  Columbus Avenue is the place to be for Halloween, so please come join  us in 2013.

Dan Stevens popped into our shop to get a bracelet for his wife before the opening of The Heiress.  He was sweet and modest and just as cute as he is in Downton Abbey.

Heartthrob alert: Dan Stevens.

We are also proud of our very own Natalie, who modeled our jewelry in Nina Sky’s new music video, Comatose. She’s a long-time KT girl. How can we not give her time off when she is obviously so talented and in-demand in her acting career! We think she’s amazing in this video and we thank her for sporting the gold adjustable ring, gold medium teardrop hoops, and the gold circles chain.

Now the holidays are here and we are in our crazy stage–one we also look forward to all year. Bryant Park is up and running and Union Square  opens on Friday. We will be in a different spot than we have been for the past 3 years, but don’t worry! We are only across the way and a few booths down around the fountain. We look forward to seeing you there and keeping you updated on all new KTcollection news.

Here is to the holidays!


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