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A June Wedding with KTCollection

We like nothing better than to bejewel bridesmaids and brides for their big day.  I am always honored when someone wants to have KTCollection be part of such an important occasion. Sometimes the bride-to-be knows exactly what she wants, and sometimes we personalize a version of a piece in our collection to make it extra-special for the big day. Usually the process begins with correspondence about dress color and style, followed by a private meeting in the studio. I am always amazed by how people organize their weddings so differently. Sometimes women contact me 18 months in advance to make an appointment to see our collection. And other times, as Maria did last week,  they make a last-minute appointment squeezed between a million other errands three days before. Either way, we always find something special and meaningful, and we usually go for simple pieces that will suit everyone’s taste and that will become future staples for the bridesmaids.

I was thrilled when Emily Barrett asked me to come up with jewelry for her June wedding in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Not only has she been part of the KTC team since 2009, but she also married James, a childhood friend from my native Virginia. With Emily and James, the process was all part of the fun. We had them over for dinner to go through the site and discuss our options. Since she had a good idea of what she wanted, we had plenty of time to catch up and save them from their endless work in preparation for their wedding. For months, they had been crafting, gluing, stamping, painting, cutting, and sewing.

Frankly, I thought they were crazy. Life is hard enough living in NYC with full-time jobs, trying to keep up with friends and plan a huge party. But after attending what turned out to be one of the best weddings ever, I had to admit that every one of the 250+ handmade tissue flowers streaming from the tent was worth it. The wedding was so personal, tasteful, and creative. Everyone was in awe of their ideas and the care they had taken to create a truly fun and happy occasion. Hand-rolled invites, hand-stamped napkins, hand-written signs, inventive food native to Jamestown, hula-hooping and lawn games, a photo booth with props and costumes… You name it,  they did it–and by hand. They even scheduled a late-night appearance of Rhode Island’s famous Del’s frozen lemonade and a popcorn cart just when everyone was parched and hungry after hours of dancing.

So needless to say, the pressure was on to produce just the right jewelry; especially since her dress was handmade by her close friend and talented designer Charlotte Macauley. We decided to keep it simple with various shapes and colors of our gemstone earrings, since the bridesmaids were in navy blue dresses of their own choice. Without being able to imagine the necklines of all of her wedding party, sticking to earrings kept things slightly uniformed, but still allowed Emily to individualize each gift. She liked the idea that her bridesmaids could easily wear the earrings in the future, and she chose each pair carefully. For Emily, we went with earrings that were similar in style, but just a bit more elaborate. It worked out beautifully!

As for me, I wasn’t in the wedding, but I somehow forgot that the wedding party would be in navy and wore a navy dress myself. A regular imposter. As I usually do when I dress up, I stick to simple solid-colored dresses, leaving an open palette to shamelessly lay on the gold. Layered necklaces, big rings, and dangly earrings take any dress from plain to dramatic. It was fun to see lots of other KTCollection jewelry among their stylish set of friends and family too. Emily had done a great job of spreading the word about us during her years helping us sell at booths, and there was quite a bit of KTC to be spotted at the party.

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Now Emily and James are back and settled into their married life in Brooklyn. How great that KTCollection was a big part of their wedding and their honeymoon in Mexico.  Turns out that many of our costume earrings were perfect for their tropical getaway.
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