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Beat the Heat

Baby, it’s hot out there!
For those of you who are in the city, you know that beating the heat on the streets of NYC in July isn’t always easy. We spend our weekends at outdoor markets braving record temperatures in the concrete jungle to make sure that you are all well accessorized for the summer. Let’s face it, a layer of sweat and spf isn’t what the doctor ordered for jewelry, and few of us can escape this lethal cocktail in high summer. So here are our tips for sticking to pieces that can make you look cool and that can take the heat.

On sweltering days, stick to our most durable necklaces. Plated and costume jewelry does not react as well to extreme elements and can lose its luster in heat and humidity. Gold-filled and sterling jewelry is much more durable. Layer up a couple of our classic Circle Chains. You can wrap them as a bracelet or a long necklace, layer the gold with the silver, and make them work with pretty much any look.

The lariat is another great choice. It is light and summery, highly resistant, and can be worn long . Perfect for flowing dresses, low-cut shirts, and backless numbers.

Jewelry is a bit like clothing. Sometimes, the hotter it is, the less we feel like wearing. On the hottest of days, skip bracelets and necklaces altogether. Go for big and colorful earrings and create your look around a bold dash of color. Our Brazilian collection is a great choice for stand-out earrings.

If making a statement isn’t your style,  just go for a pair of studs to feel like you are wearing nothing and add on a ring. We especially like these:

*Just remember…..You may like to swim, but your jewelry doesn’t.

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