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Tips On How To Match Jewelry

Here are a couple of rules to follow when you are wearing jewelry:

The rules summarized:

1.Think about the neckline of your shirt.

  • If you have a very busy neckline on, you generally do not need a necklace. Go with bigger earrings and, maybe, a bracelet and a ring. Something that is going to accent a busier blouse, but is not going to take away from it.
  • If it is a low cut v-neck,  you want to have the length of the necklace just right so that it is going to be right in the center of your neckline. It is good to get necklaces that have extenders so that you can wear them shorter sometimes and longer other times.

2. Wear either a bigger necklace with smaller earrings or bigger earrings with a smaller necklace but, generally do not wear big earrings and big necklaces at the same time for a more put-together look.

3. Blend pieces together so you do not necessarily have to match exactly an earring and a necklace. Get something that complements each other versus a fixed set.

4. If you are going to do a set, steer away from doing the matching bracelet, ring, earring and necklace as it kind of takes away from each piece as an individual piece.

Stay tuned for more tips. We would love to know your rules when it comes to jewelry and clothing! Leave a comment with what you think we should add to the list.

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