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Accessorizing Spring Makeup Trends

Should your makeup affect what jewelry you choose?  We gathered some makeup trends that we’ve  spotted on the streets of NYC this spring, and we’ve paired them with complementary jewelry. Playing with makeup can be fun, and some of these looks are bolder than others. Like with jewelry, size and body type don’t matter. So there are no boundaries, and the possibilities are endless…

The Hot Cherry or Coral Lip

Timeless, but we never tire of this feminine look.

1. Add in a splash of color and make those lips even more glam. *Turquoise Chandeliers and Mixed Nugget Necklace

2.  Keep it classic and reminiscent of a grander era. *Vintage Gold Locket and Black Dot Studs

3. Go sleek and edgy to have a day-to-night look. *Vintage Silver Ball Danglers and Antique Silver Collar

The All-Natural and Dewey Skin Look

The perfect look for hot summer days.

1. Go a bit more boho in the summer and let nature inspire your look.  *Gold Holly Leaf Earrings and Tibetan Turquoise Pendant

2. Keep the clothes as simple as the makeup and let bolder jewelry do the talking. *Blue Druzy Chandeliers and Gold Brushed Link Necklace

The Cat Eye

Always a great way to make any look sexier.

1. Make the jewelry as edgy as the eyes. This is a great evening look. *Mixed Metal Gold Links Necklace and Black Bejeweled Tear Drops

2. Cat eyes can also be work-appropriate. Just keep the jewelry classic.  *Dangling Silver & Gold Discs Earrings and Mixed Metal Beaded Chain Bracelet

The Color Block Nail Polish

Who doesn’t like to get a good manicure? Why not get a bit more adventurous?

1. Since she has kept the make up natural and dewey, these contrasting color-block nails are stand-outs. They need bold jewelry to showcase them.  *Gold Vermeil Adjustable Ring and Gun Metal Link Bracelet

2. This is a new twist on the classic french manicure, and with the cherry lips as a contrasting color, we’ll keep the jewelry in solid metals. *Vintage Silver Points Ring and Leather Silver Nugget Wrap Bracelet

3. To keep up with the straight lines of her cat eyes and the striking black and yellow nails, the Black Bobble Ring  was an obvious choice. The Gold Bangles add a little movement and soften the look.

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