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2012 Spring Fever: Bright Colors Are In!

It’s official. Spring has sprung. What does that mean? BRIGHT COLORS!

We are loving the vibrant hues we keep spotting on the NYC streets; it seems there is no better way to celebrate spring. Challenge: What is the best way to accessorize bold color combos? Here are three options: match, create contrast, or complement the color with solid metals.


It’s nice to pick pieces that have tones of the same color in your outfit. The Blue Fabergé Egg Earrings pull the look together with delicate shades of blue without “over-matching.” The Gold Martini Bracelet matches the gold finish in the earrings and brings out the bright yellow of the skirt.


If you are going to go for contrast, choose one piece that is big and bold; a statement-maker. The Turquoise Ipanema Earrings pop against the pink and red in this ensemble. Then tone down any additional accessories to avoid over-doing it. These Bone Bangles add a subtle touch.


If you are wearing several colors or loud prints, stick to solid metals. We decided that the straight lines of the Gold Mirror Earrings, the Long Gold Nuggets Necklace, and the Vintage Gold Points Ring reflect the right amount of shine without distracting from the outfit.

What do you think? Let us know what you would choose!

Available Online or at the RSPOP Up Shop (501 Lexington Avenue @ The Roger Smith hotel between 47th and 48th in NYC)

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