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Wrapping up the Holiday Season & Gearing Up For The New Year, By Lauren Lynch

As a fresh transplant from Texas, I jumped into the holiday markets at the beginning of December to become the newest member of the KTC team. Getting to know KTCollection’s amazing clientele was a great introduction to New York City, so thank you KTC fans! (It took me exactly three days to drop the southern habit of saying “sir” and “ma’am”, which didn’t go over so well up here).  I also got a new perspective on what New York fashion is all about. Although I have lived all over the globe, there is nothing quite like NYC street fashion. It is truly inspiring.  Watching so many New Yorkers, tourists, and international travelers come together over jewelry has been a blast.  Before we start gearing up for our POP UP shop at the Roger Smith Hotel in February, here are a few images and impressions from our holiday season.

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First of all, I love the process of a woman trying on several different pieces of jewelry to find the one that truly suites her. It feels a bit like Goldilocks searching for what is  “just right”. When she finds it, I am also gratified. The only problem is that I immediately want it for myself too. Fortunately (for my finances) and unfortunately (for me), not everything that looks fantastic on someone else always works for me. (If you were wondering what we do when we don’t have customers, trying on various combinations of jewelry never gets old….)

But don’t think I missed out on shopping for the gals in my life. Being new to New York, I wanted something handmade, NYC local, and pretty. You know I had to get myself something too. (Hey, nothing wrong with self-gifting…. shows how much I love their gifts…)  After snapping up the “must-have” adjustable ring, my second KTC purchase was the new costume purple druzy-stone earrings. They are lightweight, organic-looking, and just a little bit rocker all-in-one. Perfect for my new staple “NY-all-black” look.

The holiday markets may be officially closed. *Pause for sigh*, but gift giving is always appropriate. And guess what? February is right around the corner… And we will be back at RS POP at the Roger Smith Hotel, located at 501 and a half Lexington Avenue (Cross street 47th Street). As KTC did in July, we will be planning parties, Valentine’s Day specials, “After-Work Wine and Jewelry Wednesdays”, raffles, and of course new designs. (Katie is already busy in the studio….)

I will be right here in the middle of it- helping Katie, Zoubir and the rest of the KTC team by boosting KTC in the social media and making the website even easier to use. Now that I have introduced myself to you, I look forward to getting to know you in the shop!

And always feel free to email me at I’d love to see pictures of what KTC you picked up over the holidays.

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