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The Reinvention of the 70s: Refined Chic

The 70s are all over this spring. We see high-waists, bow-tie blouses, mid-calf skirts and of course the flare pant. But in contrast to the past couple of seasons, lines are cleaner the vibe is more sophisticated than bohemian. The trick? Incorporate just one element with a vintage vibe into an otherwise clean look. And of course accessorize it well.

Here are some great 70s-inspired looks that we found. But where is their jewelry? Keep reading to see what KTC suggests…

Nice, simple, and comfortable look. It calls for casual jewelry.
1) Gold Beaded Earrings 2) Circle Shell Lariat 3) Beaded Cocktail Ring

Just because you have a bow-tie doesn’t mean you need no jewelry. The perfect ring and earrings make this already great look even better.
1) Gold Fringe Earrings 2) Cream Bobble Ring

We love anything high-waisted. This clean look look calls for light and delicate jewelry.
1) Square Wire Hoops 2) Mixed Metal Brushed Discs Necklace 

And I vaguely remember wearing this wrap skirt in middle school. She wears it well with a fitted striped tee and could update it even more with something big and gold.
1) Layered Gold Links
Here’s to a sophisticated summer of love.

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