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Wintry Drab to Spring Fab: Mixing Bold Prints & Color

This spring is all about bold prints and bright colors. After a long and cold New York winter of wearing way too much black, we approve. Challenge: finding the right jewelry that doesn’t get lost.

Mixing bold prints with bright colors looks great on the runway, but how do WE get that look? This lovely lady (photo: The Satorialist) does a pretty good job, but where is the jewelry? We suggest our green or orange vintage lucite earrings to draw out either one of the dominant colors. And Voila! Much better…

Vintage Lucite Earrings (Silver

KTC Vintage Lucite Earrings (Silver $38, Gold $44)

If you just want one piece with personality, find a blouse like this one from Anthropologie  that does the pattern mixing for you. Wear earrings that also make a statement but that are a solid metal. They go along with the vibe of the pattern without adding too much color. No other accessories required…

KTC Zig Zag Earrings

Gold Fringe Earrings

And what to do with the bright stripes on this Marc Jacobs dress?  If you are going out at night, go with our gold fringe earrings.

During the day, why not wear this simple turquoise necklace and our large gold hoops.  The pendant is simple and modern-looking and it brings out the turquoise in the dress. The large hoops are subtle but eye-catching. Great combination.

KTC Large Gold Square Wire Hoops & Turquoise Necklace

And if you still can’t part from black (New Yorkers, are you listening?), get yourself a vibrant scarf for a lovely, classic look. We like this one from Madewell and wear it with these earrings to bring out the blue.

KTC Tanzanite Clover Earrings

Let springtime inspire you! Just don’t forget the jewels…

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