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Buy that Cheetah Coat and Accessorize it in Style

If you have been convincing yourself not to buy that cheetah print coat because you think it is just a passing trend, think again.  We’ve spotted more fur than ever this winter; on the streets and at NYC Fashion Week. It is a sure sign that we can expect to see even more of it in Fall 2011.

Whether synthetic or the real thing, fur is timeless and a great way to take any basic look from dreary to fabulous. Only problem is how to accessorize an already bold look. This lady turned to our big $20 earrings and our chunky cocktail rings that look like they are straight from the 40’s. We like her thinking.

Mixed Metal Lattice Ring (top), Cheetah Ring (bottom)

And what’s happening on the runways? We love any form of the bomber jacket, especially with a gorgeous fur collar. But check out how these designers mix it with a spring dress and a sleek little flapper number. Why not add on these earrings to complete the look?

Gun Metal Woven Flower Earrings

Silver River Earrings

This lady knows how to hail a cab in style. We like her neutral color scheme and can’t help but want to match it with any piece of our new mixed metal martini collection.

Mixed Metal Martini Necklace- (not yet online order by emailing

Feathers, stripes and Cheetah prints? Sounds like a crazy mix, but Juli Oliver of pulls it off effortlessly. She keeps all solid and purple except for her coat, and then bends the rules a bit with the striped gloves. Who knew that stripes would work so well with a cheetah print? Our mixed metal martini bracelet ties it together with the perfect amount of understated sparkle.

Handmade Martini Bracelet

So go get that coat. And hurry! Spring is coming…

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