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Valentine’s Day KTC Style

Yup…it’s here again.  Always sneaks up on you after the holidays. Whether she is your friend, girlfriend, wife or mom, we at KTC have got you covered with meaningful gifts this February.


Our most popular “I’ll wait and have my husband get it for me” piece.  You’ve already done diamonds and pearls.  This gold nuggets necklace is just as classic of a staple.  Besides, I am sure she was eyeing it over the holidays.

Gold Nuggets

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of benevolence, patience, kindness and compassion. She also brings wealth and prosperity . Compliment her best qualities and  press your luck for a little extra wealth to come your way too.  After all, whats her’s is yours, right?



Planning on giving her another piece of jewelry in the near future? Test the waters with Ganesh. Not that you need the remover of obstacles before you present the rock, but why not play it safe…

Antiqued Ganesh


Peacocks represent happiness and there are two of them. Need we say more?

The Double Happiness


Let’s not scare her off with something too extravagant this early in the game. First piece of advice. Notice whether she wears gold, silver or both.  Trust us, she’ll be impressed you noticed.  Stick to these classics:

Classic Hoops

Silver Tube


Garnets. The deep red is a rich, neutral color and it symbolizes friendship and inspires creativity.


Add the garnet to an elephant and she is guaranteed to have a bit of luck in her future too…

Elephant Charm (Garnet)


A small bell that is said to carry your dreams, releasing them as it rings. She does everything for all of you, so don’t let her forget her own dreams.

Balinese Dream Ball

So beautiful. How can you not go wrong with these great bracelets?

Brass and Purple Jade Bracelet


Let her know you know what’s hip.  Not just fun to wear, these owls represent wisdom.

Owl Earrings

A more fun and informal way to bring on that happiness.

Peacock Earrings

Big, gold and glamorous.  She’ll love them.

Gold and Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings

Still Don’t Know? Get her a gift card. She’ll still be impressed you remembered how much she loves Ktcollection.
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