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Get an Edge with KTC

If you’ve spent a summer in NYC, then you can’t have missed us. We are out every weekend selling our gorgeous KTC jewelry rain, wind or shine. Working in a boutique that isn’t limited by the clientele of one neighborhood is quite an adventure–especially in NYC!  And we’d like to use this blog to tell you all about it. After all,  there’s no better place to stay on top of trends than in the Big Apple. The influence of NYC women on our line is unmistakable!

We’ll bring you the latest styles and show you pictures of the customers who wear it best. We’ll show you what is selling where and tell you how to wear our pieces. When something is flying out of our boutiques, we’ll let you know before it is gone. And when we get that perfect piece made but we haven’t had time to put it online yet, you’ll find rough-and-ready i-phone shots here.

Basically, as our title suggests, we will offer straight talk in jewelry trends from the streets, and we welcome your comments and reactions. As we gear up to open our three holiday boutiques in Bryant Park (Nov 5), Union  Square (Nov 19), and Columbus Circle (Dec 1), expect to find photos of customers as they discover our line as well as tips on the hottest gift ideas. We’ll bring a bit of the spirit and the bustle from the holiday markets directly to you.

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